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About our dinosaur logo
Velociraptor ("the speedy thief")
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Vech has a degree in anthropology. It seems logical that he would choose a dinosaur as part of his business logo. Vech is also artistic. With pen and ink, Vech drew the original image of the Velociraptor riding an Earles Fork bike. Since then, the image has been reproduced on business stationery, cards, signs, shop rags, t-shirts and many other things. It has become Bench Mark Work's standard logo. Vech and Elaine hope you like it.

Of all dinosaurs, why did Vech choose the Velociraptor?
While tiny compared to his brother carnivores, Velociraptor was built to kill. A quick, bird-like dinosaur who walked on two legs, it was ten feet long, five feet tall and weighed up to 175 pounds. It had a curved, flexible neck and a big head with sharp, serrated teeth in very powerful jaws. Each of its three fingers on each short arm had sharp, curved claws. There were claws on each of four toes on its feet. One claw on each foot was large and sickle-like -- "the killing toe." That claw is also known as the "terrible claw."

The Velociraptor was fast and may have reached speeds up to thirty miles per hour. It had a stiff tail for balance and turning which allowed the Velociraptor to hug corners as it turned like a race car. Considering its long legs and light body weight, it was probably able to jump as well.

Velociraptors hunted in packs, probably slashing, tearing and eating just about anything they wanted. Velociraptors were among the smartest of the dinosaurs. That's why they ride BMW motorcycles restored by Bench Mark Works LLC ;-)

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