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Oil filter replacement set
for R11, R12, R16 & R17
BMW Motorcycles

by Craig Vechorik

I try to find solutions for parts that are no longer available. My latest brain-child is an oil filter replacement set.

plate, filter, magnet and filter This is the engine cover plate, a bar magnet, a replaceable oil filter and the adapter plate I designed and had machined from aluminum.

The adapter plate threads into the oil filter. It has a hole in the face to allow the filter assembly to function as a bypass filter as the original filter did. In the original bypass filter the oil flow is backward as compared to modern, full-flow filters. Modern filters are equipped with a diaphragm check valve to keep oil from draining out of the filter when a modern engine is not in operation. Therefore, it is necessary to modify the replacement filter, by cutting holes in the diaphragm. The filter I supply with this unit is already modified.

filter ready for installation The photo shows the assembled filter set ready for installation into the engine crankcase. The replacement filter is merely shoved on the spigot of the main oil gallery in the engine, just as the original was.

The bar magnet lies between the outer cover and the bottom of the steel filter. It effectively traps metal particles present in the oil from the wear of the rings and cylinders. The magnet prevents the deposit of these particles in the oil slinger grooves that are machined in the faces of each end of the crankshaft.

filter in the crank case The assembled filter installed in the crankcase and ready for the cover to be replaced. It's a perfect fit! The replacement filter element is a Fram PH6607, available at any auto parts store.

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