The German Motorcycle Driver Service Medal

Reference: "Motorcycles of the Wehrmacht"
by Horst Hinrichsen

medalThe Motor Vehicle Service Medal was awarded in three grades (bronze, silver and gold) to drivers who performed special service in World War II. The medal was worn on the uniform at the left sleeve (lower, middle) and it could also be worn in miniature form on civilian clothing.

The particularly demanding tasks of the motorcycle messengers were honored by placing their names at the top of the awards list. Motorcycle messengers could receive the award after 90 days of action, while other Wehrmacht drivers were not eligible for this award until they served 185 days of action under unusually rough conditions. Despite difficult conditions, all drivers were expected to service and maintain their vehicles. Only after six months of trouble-free service could on begin to count toward 90 days in action toward the award.

For 90 days of action to be counted toward the motorcycle messenger award, the time had to be spent under difficult conditions such as:

Awarded Motor Vehicle Service Medals were withdrawn and requalifying began at the lowest "bronze level" in cases of: