Photos taken in 1999 by Elaine White-Vechorik
feature Craig Vechorik's 1956 BMW R26
restored by Vech in June, 1997.

Vech & R26 in sunroom
Vech restoring his R26 in the sunroom of his home!
The R26 was BMWs first swing-arm single cylinder. It was produced from 1955 until 1961. The serial numbers of the model range from 340007 through 370242. The pictured R26 is a 1956 model that carries the Berlin dealer's emblem on the front fender. The color is BMW "Dover White" which is actually a cream or very light beige color. BMW originally offered Dover white motorcycles for an additional charge (over the price of black BMWs).

Weighing in a 330 lbs, and a rated hp of 15, the R26 is by no means a crotch rocket, but it is a superb around town bike. The bike has a 4 speed transmission, with a 1st gear ratio so dreadfully low that garden tractors are green with envy.
Vech's daughter, Magdelina
Vech's daughter, Magdelina, at eleven years old and she's already sizing-up the R26!

Vech and Elaine
Vech and Elaine at the first annual "Sturgis Rally" (1997 - Sturgis, Mississippi) Elaine shows off Vech's trophy. Vech won first place in the slow race two days after completing the R26 restoration job.
At the Wilderness Rally, in Arkansas, several years ago, Vech used the bike to gather logs for a fire. He tied a rope through the hole in the rear axle and pulled fifteen-foot pieces of driftwood down the gravel bar, and up the riverbank, to the camp site.

On pavement, the R26 in first gear, is wound out in about 15 feet. Given enough time, flat ground and no headwind, on the highway the machine will run about 80 mph wide open. Surprisingly, it will maintain 60-65 mph on modest hills, solo.

Text from "Motor Cycling" magazine R26 road test, April 19, 1956

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