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Craig Vechorik at Bench Mark Works LLC specializes in pre-1970 BMW motorcycles.

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Pre-1970 BMW motorcycle parts
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This page contains a list of NEW prewar parts for your prewar BMW motorcycle that are on the shelf at Bench Mark Works LLC, ready for same-day shipping to you. Vech and Elaine will special-order any item that is available (if you donít see it on the listĖask!) Prices posted are current.

We try to keep the listed items in stock so we can ship to you quickly. If you're willing to wait 3-4 weeks, we can save you money on most pre-BMW parts. We are especially proud of our ss parts & especially proud of our high-quality cables: Teflon-lined with ss attachment parts. We also provide the longest-lasting rubber parts. If you are wondering if we can help you, just e-mail & ask.

Use your browser "search" feature to locate items on this page. (It is usually Control-F)

If you order before 3 p.m. central time on weekdays, we can ship that day by UPS ground. If you want to arrange other shipping methods, you can still submit the order online, but specify in the "message area" of the order form the method of shipping you prefer. If all the various nuts, bolts and washers have you in a tizzy, perhaps our ss bolt kit web site can help you. If you're not sure or don't know part numbers of the items you want to order, give a item description in the "message area" of the order form. Also, list the year and model of your BMW motorcycle in the "message area" if you want us to double-check the parts as we pull them to be sure they are indeed the correct part for your specific bike. Shipping charges will be added to your order total. There is no minimum purchase required. The part numbers on this page are links that create a secure order form. Be sure you allow the page to load completely before you click an order link. It's easy to order online with your Visa, American Express, Discover or Master Card. If you choose not to order online, you can still click the links to create an order form to print. You can fax us your printed order, or simply use your printed order form as a part-number reference when you call. As always, if you have questions, please contact us.

P01 00 9 000 039--$45.00--book: owner manual R11 German
P10 08 3--$2.30--nut stepped polished ss SW10 6x.85 R12-R17
P10 08 3B--$2.30--nut stepped black finish SW10 6x.85 R12-R17
P10 08 5--$2.30--nut stepped polished ss SW13 8x1.0 R12-R17
P10 08 5B--$2.30--nut stepped black finish SW13 8x1.0 R12-R17
P10 08 6--$2.30--nut stepped polished ss SW15 9x1.0 R12-R17
P10 08 6B--$2.30--nut stepped black finish SW15 9x1.0 R12-R17
P10 08 7--$5.00--nut stepped polished ss SW17 10x1.0 R12-R17
P10 08 8--$5.00--nut stepped polished ss 10x1 R12-R17
P10 08 9--$2.30--nut stepped polished ss SW19 12x1.25 R12-R17
P10 16 8B--$34.20--flywheel nut R12-R17
P10 816a--$4.95--hex bolt 6mmx.85x24
P11 00 9 090 035--$197.95--gasket set engine R3 R35
P11 00 9 090 071--$156.15--gasket set engine R71
P11 21 0 070 158--$9.15--guide pin clutch spring plate R5-R71 R51/2
P15 16 0--$3.25--oil filter cover stud 6x.85x25 R12
P15 16 0--$3.25--stud 6x.85x25 transmission R12
P20 10 2--$14.00--drain plug ss 18mm x 1.5 R12-R17
P20 31 04 1090--$7.60--valve cover gasket R35 R3
P20 31 1 055 0--$11.00--substitute seal cam and front crank R35
P20450R--$6.25--crank case vent tube rubber R2 R3 R4 R35
P20453D--$8.80--push rod tube seal R2 R3 R4 R35 R20
P204 5 35 025 0--$29.95--gear change knob R3 R4 R35 R75
P204 5 36 007 0--$37.25--kick start return spring R3 R4 series 5 R35
P20 45 8 600 10--$70.85--hardy disc R2 R3 R4
P20 45 8 600 10--$70.85--hardy disc R2 R3 R4
P20 45 3 101 60--$1.95--felt ring kick start shaft R4 series 5 R35
P20 4 80 799 0--$96.95--auxilary catalog R2R3 R4
P20 61 6 202 60--$69.95--steering head bearing set R11 series 5 R16 series 5 R12 R17 R75
P20 61 6 203 90--$17.00--detent plate steering damper R12-R17
P20 61 6 209 31--$25.00--fork seal modern repro 34x40.2x12 R12-R17
P20 61 6 300 12--$187.75--front axle R12-R17 unplated
P206 1 630 210--$13.30--brake shoe spring short front wheel R12-R17
P20 61 6 302 80--$16.95--brake shoe spring for front eccentric bolt R12-R17
P20 61 6 600 70--$21.80--cardan seal for ring gear R12-R17 original type
P20 61 6 600 70.1--$17.50--seal substitute for ring gear R11-R17, requires machining
P20 61 6 601 90--$119.25--bearing ring gear R12-R17
P20 61 6 602 3--$15.20--brake shoe spring long R12-R17
P206 1 66 029 0--$16.10--rear brake shoe adjusting screw R12 R17 ss
P20 61 6 608 4--$30.40--foot brake return spring R12-R17
P20 61 6 800 20--$40.00--brake cable adjust screw R12 R17
P20 61 6 800 30--$11.25--anchor barrel front brake cable R12 R17
P20 61 7 200 20--$7.00--footbrake rubber R12, R17
P20 61 7 702 00A--$30.00--license plate curved front fender white
P20 61 7 70200B--$40.95--mount set ss for license plate curved front fender white
P20 61 7 702 00C--$30.00--mount set stamped steel for license plate curved front fender white
P20 61 8 200 10--$45.00--fork vent cap assembly with fork bolt R12-R17
P20 61 8 224 30--$50.00--damper knob R12-R17
P20 61 8 305 00--$174.95--front brake shoe with lining R12-R17
P20 61 8 605 00--$166.90--rear brake shoe with lining R12-R17
P21 11 8 079 90--$45.00--parts book R11 R16 German
P21 11 7 100 20--$105.95--parts book R11 R16 German
P212 1 79 051 0--$309.95--gasket set engine R11-R12
P21 21 31 000 00--$109.95--gearbox gasket set and seal set R12-R17
P21 21 3 101 50--$21.95--gasket transmission front cover R12-R17
P21 21 3 103 60--$17.95--gasket shift tower cover R12-R17
P21 21 3 103 70--$22.95--gasket gearbox cover R12-R17
P21 21 3 400 20--$250.00--clutch splined drive input gear R12 R17 R11 and R16 series 5 only new old stock
P21 21 3 400 20ss--$50.00--speedi sleeve input flange transmission for upgrading to modern lipped seal R12-R17
P21 21 3 521 10S--$53.00--speedi sleeve output flange transmission for upgrading to modern lipped seal R12-R17
P21 21 3 600 81--$257.80--kickstart gear splined R12-R17
P21 21 3 601 10--$79.00--flanged kickstart bushing R12 R17
P21 21 3 601 22--$345.95--kickstarter segment R12 R7
P21 21 3 601 50--$12.00--kickstart rubber R11-R71 prewar
P21 21 3 601 60--$54.95--kickstart spring R12-R17
P21 21 4 405 00--$79.95--clutch lever on gearbox complete with spring and ball R12 R17
P21 21 6 60 12 0--$3.65--final drive door gasket R12-R17
P21 21 6 605 40--$1.00--circlip driveshaft R12-R17
P21 21 6 607 12--$187.75--rear axle R12 R17 unplated
P21 21 6 608 60--$128.40--rear brake cam R12 R17
P21 21 6 620 30--$280.00--driveshaft chrome R12-R17
P21 21 6 621 10--$501.80--driveshaft flange chrome threaded type R12-R17
P21 21 6 623 10--$82.95--chrome ring with hardy disc R11-R17
P21 21 6 627 10--$45.00--driveshaft flange jam nut chrome R12-R17
P21 21 6 628 10--$45.00--driveshaft flange nut chrome R12-R17
P21 21 6 803 60--$11.50--cable adjuster 6x.85m R12-R17
P21 21 6 900 80--$26.60--flat retaining spring for front stand R12 R17
P21 21 6 901 00--$19.95--flat retaining spring for center stand R12 R17
P21 21 7 211 40--$27.50--grommet brake rod R12-R17
P21 21 7 403 00--$1.95--rubber washer rear mount fuel tank R12 R17 R35
P21 21 7 700 11--$15.00--id plate frame for single carb R12
P21 21 7 706 70--$80.10--front seat mount R12 R17
P21 21 7 711 30--$6.00--rubber bumper on frame for front forks R11-R17
P21 21 7 768 001--$136.70--wiring harness battery ignition R11 R12 R17
P21 21 7 768 101--$169.95--wiring harness magneto ignition R11 R12 R17
P21 21 7 771 00--$43.70--headlight lens R12 R17 162mm
P21 21 8 079 81--$51.95--book: owner manual R12 & R17 English
P21 21 8 079 90--$50.00--parts book R12 R17 German
P21 21 8 000 00--$116.20--final drive gasket and seal set R12-R17
P21 21 8 805 12--$21.95--advance retard cable R12 for external lever
P21 21 8 805 21--$40.00--cable clutch R12 R17 sheath 1280mm or 50 3/8 in overall 1438mm or 56 5/8 in
P21 21 8 805 33--$24.95--cable brake R12 R17 sheath 1011mm or 40 in overall 1207mm or 47 1/2 in
P21 21 8 805 34--$24.95--cable brake R12 R17 sheath 900mm or 35 7/16 in overall 1120mm or 44 1/8 in
P21 21 8 806 20--$25.00--cable throttle R12 single carb sheath 1155mm or 45 1/2 in overall 1274mm or 50 3/16 in
P21 21 8 920 40--$280.00--centerstand R12 R17
P21 21 8 921 41--$280.00--centerstand for 4.0 tire R12 R17
P21 21 9 143 40--$85.00--prewar handlebar 25mm bare steel R12-R17
P21 21 9 147 60--$229.95--prewar bar end lever RHS
P21 21 9 148 60--$229.95--prewar bar end lever assembly RHS
P21 21 9 522 42--$288.30--exhaust muffler right R12-R17
P21 21 9 523 30--$244.50--muffler left R12-R17
P21 21 9 523 42--$288.30--exhaust muffler left R12 R17
P21 21 9 524 30--$204.00--header left chrome R12
P21 21 9 525 30--$204.00--header right chrome R12
P21 21 9 701 10--$21.00--kickstart rubber stop R11 R12 R16 R17
P21 21 9 701 51--$215.00--knee pad right with shift gate R12-R17 R35
P21 21 9 702 00--$25.95--speedometer cable R12-R17 R5-R71
P21 21 9 705 00--$234.35--Drilastic rupper seat top no frame R12 R17
P21 21 9 705 00.1--$10.00--emblem Drilastic seat 78x13 R35 R20 R23 R24
P21 21 9 705 01--$.50--brass rivets Drilastic seat R12 R17
P21 21 9 726 40--$80.95--license plate holder and bracket black with white face does not include tail light R12 R71 R35 R51 R66 R17
P21 21 9 742 30--$109.95--chrome headlight ring R12 R17 170mm
P21 21 9 744 00--$175.10--mechanical dimmer switch in headlight R12 R17 R5-R71
P21 21 9 747 40.1--$161.95--6V LED brake/tail light for Bosch 1/2 egg taillight R35 R23 R12 R17 R71 R61 R66 R6 R51
P21 21 9 747 40--$252.00--Bosch tail light half-egg shaped R12-R71
P21 52 2 072 117--$13.00--screw winged adjusting clutch arm R12 R17
P22 01 74 040 0--$61.95--Eber aluminum badge old type R20-R23
P22 01 8 079 90--$45.00--parts book R20 R23 German
P22 05 9A--$45.00--fillister head screw for knee pads R12-R17
P22 58--$31.00--grip blind Continental pre 1930 25mm bars
P23 51 04 110 1--$48.95--cyliner head gasket R3 R35
P23 51 7 127 40--$194.95--handlebar 25mm R5-R71 R3-R35
P23 51 74 004 1--$12.95--cork gask cap gasket R35 R12-R17
P23 51 7 768 001--$126.00--wiring harness R35
P23 51 8 079 90--$45.00--parts book R35 German
P23 51 8 880 20--$19.00--R3 R4 series 4 and 5 R35 sheath: 1011mm/39(13/16)inch, overall: 1156mm/45(1/2)inch
P23 51 8 800 30--$18.95--cable brake R35 sheath: 995mm/39(3/16)inch, overall: 1165mm/45(7/8)inch
P23 51 8 800 50--$18.95--cable throttle R35 sheath 816mm or 32 1/8 in overall 903mm or 35 9/16 in
P23 51 9 155 60--$159.95--timing lever complete with dimmer switch R5-R71
P23 51 9 157 00--replaced by P2351915760 P235 1 91 576 0--$349.95--Magura throttle complete single cable with dimmer switch prewar
P23 51 9 158 60--$279.95--prewar throttle assembly, single cable type
P23 51 9 158 60C--$201.95--prewar throttle assembly no switches, twin cable type
P23 51 9 400 10--$69.95--petcock Karcoma twin outlet M14x1.5 R35 R20 R23 R12
P21 21 9 727 41--$31.35--red lens for Bosch half egg tail light R12-R17
P250 1 31 016 0--$7.50--gear change cover gasket foot shift R5 R6 R51-R71
P250 1 31 018 0--$7.50--gear change cover gasket hand shift R5 R6 R51-R71
P250 1 34 009 3--$22.95--clutch push rod thrust piece R12 R1 R5-R51/2
P250 1 62 090 1--$16.95--seal on top of fork slider R5 R6
P25 01 7 171 70--$29.95--Magura rubber grip right R12
P25 01 7 171 71.1--$70.00--universal straight black grip set for 1" bars fits R12
P25 01 7 171 71.1--$70.00--straight black grip set for 1" bars fits R5-R12
P25 01 7 171 80--$21.00--Magura rubber grip left R12
P25 01 8 079 90--$47.00--parts book R5 R6 German
P25 01 88 055 0--$18.95--throttle cable R5 R51 sheath 834mm/36(3/4) inches overall 1050mm/41(3/8)inches
P25 01 9 155 60--$176.70--spark advance lever complete R12
P25 01 9 155 60.1--$79.95--high low dip switch prewar left hand
P25 01 9 157 60--$389.95--throttle with horn/dip switch twins R5-R61 R71 R12 R66 prewar
P25 01 9 158 60--$152.00--throttle with horn switch prewar
P25 01 9 158 60C--$120.00--throttle assembly complete prewar twins
P25 01 9 744 40--$890.50--headlight complete Bosch R12-R17 R35 R5-R71
P250 1 31 049 0--$5.90--felt ring cap foot shift R5 R6 R51-R71
P25 11 6 609 10--replaced by 33 11 3 038 170
P25 11 8 079 90--$47.00--parts book R51 R66 R61 R71 German
P25 11 8 060 0--$62.95--final drive gasket and seal set R51-R71 R51/2
P25 11 8 001 0--$16.95--throttle cable R6 R61
P25 11 8 002 0--$16.95--throttle cable R66
P25 11 88 005 0--$18.95--brake cable R51 R66 R61 R71 sheath 1304mm/21(1/4) inches, overall 1240mm/48 inches
P25 11 88 006 0--$28.95--clutch cable R5 R6 R51 R66 R61 R71 sheath 1304mm or 21 1/4 inches overall 1558mm or 61 3/8 inches
P25 11 9 400 10--$54.50--petcock Karcoma twin outlet M14x1.5 male thread
P25 41 0 101 60--$5.75--gasket main bearing R5 R51
P25 41 0 411 01--$23.65--gasket head R5 R51
P25 41 0 411 10--$95.00--exhaust and intake valve R5 R51 R66
P25 41 0 412 91--$13.25--gasket valve cover R5 R51 R66
P254 1 10 020 1--$29.95--breather pipe R5 R51 R51/2
P25 41 1 13 055 3.a--$395.00--piston complete R5-R51 R51SS standard bore 68mmmm
P25 41 1 13 055 3.b--$395.00--piston complete R5-R51 R51SS first over 68.5mm
P25 41 1 13 055 3.c--$395.00--piston complete R5-R51 R51SS second over 69mm
P25 41 1 13 055 3.d--$395.00--piston complete R5-R51 R51SS third over 69.5mm
P25 41 1 400 21--$70.00--valve cover vent plug ss R51-R66
P25 41 5 005 1--$74.10--push rod R5 R51
P25 71 8 079 90--$45.00--parts book R57 R63 German
P266 1 04 110 0--$22.05--cylinder head gasket R66
P26 11 0 100 40--$5.75--gasket main bearing R6 R61 R66 R71
P26 11 0 101 40--$9.59--gasket oil pan R6 R61 R66 R71
P26 11 0 103 50--$6.35--gasket timing gear cover R6 R66 R61 R71
P26 11 0 200 60--$92.95--oil slinger R6 R61 R66 R71 R75
P26 11 0 400 30--$5.25--gasket cylinder base R6 R61 R71
P26 11 0 410 90--$17.25--gasket head R6 R61
P26 11 1 001 30--$2.65--gasket oil pump R6 R61 R66 R71
P27 11 0 410 90--$19.95--gasket head R71
P27 11 0 800 10--$6.25--spacer carb isolation R71
P27 11 0 801 40--$10.10--boot carb R71 R75 R51/2
P27 11 1 305 50--$425.95--piston R12 R11 R4 R71 standard bore 78.0mm
P27 11 1 305 51--$425.95--piston R12 R11 R4 R71 1st over bore 78.5mm
P27 11 1 305 52--$425.95--piston R12 R11 R4 R71 2nd over bore 79mm
P27 11 1 305 53--$425.95--piston R12 R11 R4 R71 3rd over bore 79.5mm
P27 11 1 305 54--$425.95--piston R12 R11 R4 R71 4th over bore 80mm
P27 51 8 079 90--$104.95--parts book R75M German
P27 51 8 080 00--$129.95--workshop manual R75 1940-44
P27 52 0 411 22--$59.95--intake and exhaust valve R5 R51 R66 R75
P27 52 0 411 30--$5.95--valve stem keeper R62 R11 R12 R5 R51 R66 R71 R75
P28 92 02--$16.95--spark plug connector open type for 1920's BMWs
P32 44 0--$82.50--nut brass heat riser manifold R11-R12
P33 11 3 004 230--$15.95--drain fill plug transmission final drive R35 R20 R23 R24 R12 R17
P33 11 3 038 169--$8.00--driveshaft white rubber disk R2 R3 R35 R4 R20 R23 R24
P33 12 3 038 149--$14.95--seal ring drive shaft R2 R4 R12 R17 R35 R20 R23 R24
P33 44 6--$23.95--gasket carb & exhaust R52 R62 R11 R16 R12
P33 44 6.1--$10.20--high temp exhaust gasket R52 R62 R11 R16 R12
P33 871--$4.95--packing for heat riser R11 R12
P33 99 1--$4.45--copper crush washer exhaust 42x49 R3 R4 R35
P34 41 9--$10.50--felt seal camshaft R2-R4
P34 42 4R--$10.50--seal substitute for kickstart flange requires machining R12-R17
P34 43 8--$14.50--seal substitute for magneto R12-R17 requires machining
P34 45 6--$2.95--felt seal for drive shaft R52 R62 R57 R63 R20-R23
P34 46 2S--$7.50--seal substitute for input flange requires machining R12-R17
P34 46 6--$5.95--felt seal for transmission output flange R12-R17
P34 46 6S--$11.40--seal substitute for transmission output flange requires machining R12-R17
P34 500 AS--$2.95--felt ring crankshaft R57-R17 R2-R4 R35
P34 500 AS--$4.95--original felt seal rear main R5-R71
P34 500 AS--$32.65--substitute lip seal rear main R5-R71 requires machining of rear main bearing carrier
P34 50 0R--$18.95--seal rear main substitute R12-R17
P37 70 2--$16.50--advance return spring R2 R4 R35 R11 R12-R17
P46 51 4 034 105--$10.50--foot rest rubber R20 R23 R24
P52 51 7 002 001.1--$209.95--Drilastic seat no frame R35 R20 R23 R24
P52 51 7 002 001.2--$10.00--emblem Drilastic seat 67x10 R35 R20 R23 R24
P55 3--$12.20--cardan drive rubber R42 R52
P59 6--$9.95--cardan drive rubber R42 R52
P61 13 8 070 134--$3.95--wire spring clip prewar rear fender
P62 07 NR--$67.00--bearing with snap ring groove front main sub R12-R17
P63 04 2RS--$28.95--bearing sealed wheel R12-R17
P665--$69.95--horn/kill switch R32 R42 R52 R62 R63 R57 R47 nickel plated
P77 11 2 0--$.50--screw emblem 3x.5 R12-R17 ss
P DIN304 5X7.5--$1.00--woodruff key flywheel R2 R4 R20 R23
P DIN613Z17--$74.85--bearing axle shaft left frame side R11 R2 R4 R3 R20 R23 R24
PCRM 56 H 255B--$142.85--heat riser right R11 R12
PCRM 56 H 260B--$142.85--heat riser left R11 R12
PF 66 F 34--$12.50--bevel gear gasket R23
PF 66 F 34 S--$81.50--bearing sealed front pinion shaft R12-R17
PF 66 F 55--$79.00--hardy disk R2
PF 66 F 55 A--$70.00--hardy disk R11-R17
PF 66 F 91--$7.00--rubber disc on drive shaft R11 R16 R12 R17
PF 66 H 61A--$139.95--splitter throttle cable Magura substitute for twin carb R12-R17
PF 66 L 9a--$4.95--slotted pivot screws for bar end levers PF 66 L 15--$32.45--Continental open grip for 25mm handle bars, pre 1930
PF 66 L 16a--$33.95--Continental open grip for 25mm handle bars, pre 1930
PF 66 P 60--$223.00--exhaust muffler right R11-R17 chrome
PF 66 R 100--$65.95--knee pad left R11 R16 R12 R17 R35
PF 66 R 21 A--$36.00--spring centerstand R11-R17
PF 66 R 44--$19.50--motor spacer long left nickel plated R11 R16 R12 R17
PF 66 R 45--$19.50--motor spacer short right nickel plated R11 R16 R12 R17
PF 66 R 73/1--$94.00--knee pad right R11-R16 series 1-3
PF 66 S 110--$59.95--tire pump with hose & foot bracket
PF 66 U 155--$39.95--triangular foot rubber passenger R12-17
PF 66 U 201--$256.95--prewar Bosch horn black
PF 66 U 240B--$194.00--prewar Bosch taillight cigar shape R11-R17
PF 66 U 240B.1--$171.00--6v LED Bosch taillight cigar shape R11-R17
PF 66 U 240B-01--$25.00--brackett for prewar Bosch tail light cigar shape R11-R17
PF 67 F 55--$79.00--hardy disc R2 R3 R4 R35
PF 67 H 36--$13.00--advance cable adjustment screw M6x.85 R2 R35 R4
PF 67 J5--$19.30--center stand spring R2 R3 R4 R35
PF 67 L 15--$28.95--grip handlebar left R50-R11/2
PF67R1812--$14.30--generator indicator CUP bulb 6V 1W R24 and prewar
PF67R182A--$120.35--headlight chrome ring Bosch R2-R23 150mm
PF67S96--$14.30--LED cup bulb H 6V for the control light R24
PF69P33--$37.95--R35 hanger for header
PF69P40A--$426.15--chrome muffler R2 R4 R35
PG 56 E 22--$35.00--gear shift knob R42-R17
PG 56 E 23--$21.00--round nut for shift knob R42-R17
PJN 3--$289.95--prewar Bosch taillight cigar shape nickel plated for 1920's BMWs
PM 56 A 112--$15.00--gasket oil filter cover R11 series 5 R16 series 5 R12-R17
PM 56 B 14--$259.00--front main bearing carrier bronze R11-R12-R16-R17
PM 56 B 15--$259.00--front main bearing carrier bronze with saftey set screws R11-R12-R16-R17 requires snap ring groove main bearing
PM 56 B 27--$4.00--key flywheel R11-R17
PM 56 B 4 C--$188.00--sproket on crank R11-R17
PM 56 D 9--$6.95--valve cover gasket R62 R11-R12
PM 56 D 109 E--$77.95--cylinder head gasket R62 R11-R12
PM 56 D 110--$4.95--gasket cylinder base R52-R17
PM 56 D 111 C--$40.00--valve intake and exhaust R62 R11 R12 R71
PM 56 D 6--$11.25--valve cover bolt R62 R11 R12 ss
PM 56 E 10 E--$203.10-- drive sprocket on cam shaft R11-R17
PM 56 E 11--$203.10--magneto drive sprocket on cam R11-R17
PM 56 G 100 05--$233.10--advance breaker ring R12 magneto
PM 56 G 103--$10.00--stepped screw with circlip voltage regulator cover R11 R12 R57 R63
PM 56 G 105 00--$57.80--points cover with ground lug R12 magneto
PM 56 G 11--$18.45--coil spring magneto R12
PM 56 G 12--$16.00--magneto chain R11 R16 R12 R17
PM 56 G 3 B--$244.05--generator strap 2 piece R11 R12 R17
PM 56 G 55.1--$4.00--spark plug 18mm NGK AB-6 high heat range
PM 56 G 55.2--$4.00--spark plug 18mm NGK AB-6 mid heat range
PM 56 G 55.3--$4.00--spark plug 18mm NGK AB-6 low heat range
PM 56 G 60.1--$3.00--spark plug NGK B6HS higher heat range R12
PM 56 G 60.2--$3.00--spark plug NGK B7HS lower heat range R12
PM 56 G 8 D--$188.00--sprocket on gen/mag R11-R17
PM 56 G8 D01--$195.00--adjustable magneto sprocket R12 R17 R11 series 5 and R16 series 5
PM 56 H 101A/3--$8.85--bowl gasket SUM carb R12
PM 56 H 101A/4--$55.05--float bowl to carb body gasket SUMM carb R12
PM 56 H 104 A--$197.95--float SUM R3 R4 R11 R12
PM 56 H 112 A/35--$46.95--jet idle no 35 R12
PM 56 H 112 A/40--$46.95--jet idle no 40 R12
PM 56 H 112 A/50--$46.95--jet idle no 50 R12
PM 56 H 112 A/60--$46.95--jet idle no 60 R12
PM 56 H 112 A/65--$46.95--jet idle no 65 R12
PM 56 H 112 A/70--$46.95--jet main no 70 R12
PM 56 H 112 A/75--$46.95--jet main no 75 R12
PM 56 H 112 A/80--$46.95--jet main no 80 R12
PM 56 H 150--$200.00--air cleaner single carb R12
PM 56 K 80--$142.75--OEM style original oil filter R12-R17
PM 56 L 7 A--$15.60--lock plate flywheel R11-R17
PM 56 L 10 C--$18.95--clutch coil spring R12 R17
PM 56 L 17 A--$10.15--thrust washer set (0.5,1.0,1.5mm) installs in spring plate for adjustment of clutch push rod length
PM 56 L 2 C--$398.75--spring plate R11-R16 R12 R17
PM 56 L 20 D--$281.00--clutch plate R52-R17
PM 56 L 7 A--$12.95--lock plate for fly wheel R11-R17
PM 56 R 114 A--$15.00--gasket breather cover R12-R17 R11 series 5 R16 series 5
PM 56 R 115--$45.00--horn bracket R11 R16 R12 R17
PM 57 D 109--$54.95--cylinder head gasket R52
PM 59 L1 SS--$57.00--speedi sleeve for flywheel R12-R17 for modern lipped seal conversion for use with R34-500R seal
PM 60 D 113--$63.95--gasket head R16-R17
PM 67 H 105--$29.95--float needle SUMM carb R12
PM 69 A 114--$6.95--oil pan gasket R3 R4 R35
PM 69 E 9--$25.00--timing chain R12 R17 R20 R23 R35
PM 69 E 9R--$39.95--timing chain medium red R12 R17 R20 R23 R35
PM 69 M 11--$23.95--generator v-belt R3 R4 R35
PW 001--$45.00--spark plug adapter allows the use of a modern 14mm spark plug in the pre-war 18mm spark plug hole
PW 003--$42.00-- Bosch DVAR Magneto/generator bearing R11-R17
PW 004--$2.00--plug wire 7mm cloth braid black with red tracer (priced by the foot)
PW 005--$1.80--wiring sheath black cloth tar impregnated 4.75mm ID pre-war (priced by the foot)
PW 006--$1.80--wiring sheath black cloth tar impregnated 6.4mm ID pre-war (priced by the foot)
PW 007--$1.80--wiring sheath black cloth tar impregnated 9.5mm ID pre-war (priced by the foot)
PW 008--$1.80--wiring sheath black cloth tar impregnated 11mm ID pre-war (priced by the foot)
PW 009--$1.80--wiring sheath black cloth tar impregnated 13mm ID pre-war (priced by the foot)
PW 010--$1.25--wire cloth braid 16 gauge green/black (sold per foot)
PW 011--$1.25--wire cloth braid 16 gauge red (sold per foot)
PW 012--$1.25--wire cloth braid 16 gauge brown (sold per foot)
PW 013--$1.25--wire cloth braid 16 gauge black/white (sold per foot)
PW 014--$1.25--wire cloth braid 16 gauge blue (sold per foot)
PW 015--$1.25--wire cloth braid 16 gauge white/red (sold per foot)
PW 016--$1.25--wire cloth braid 16 gauge brown/black (sold per foot)
PW 017--$1.25--wire cloth braid 18 gauge white (sold per foot)
PW 018--$1.25--wire cloth braid 18 gauge black (sold per foot)
PW 019--$1.25--wire cloth braid 18 gauge red (sold per foot)
PW 020--$149.95--left side advance with horn button and mechanical dip switch
PW 022--$1.25--wire cloth braid 18 gauge white/red
PW 022--$11.95--universal clamp on mirror mount 25mm bar
acc 004--$12.00--universal brake light switch clamps on the frame

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