Steib Sidecar

S 01 00 0 000 032--$75.95--book Steib sidecar parts book
S 07 11 9 978 220--$3.00--bulb 6v 5w license plate Enduro bags & Cobra handle
S 101 z 144--$60.95--fender allen head screw for Steib sidecars
S 102 z 2--$23.70--lever catch for shaft of trunk handle S500
S 102 z 14--$71.00--front fender holder
S 102 z 22--$334.95--Cobra handle:no lens, no gaskets, no bulbs
S 102z28--$62.95--sidecar wheel wing nut large Steib logo 20x1.5mm Photo
S 102 Z 31--$47.00--sidecar side emblem round TR500
S 102z37--$87.95--Steib sidecar wheel wing nut small 18x1.5 Photo
S 102z38--$49.95--BMW sidecar wheel wing nut large
S 102 Z 9--$41.70--emblem Steib sidecar round S350 & S500 front
S 103 z 11--$43.95--Steib split rubber pivot block LS200 sidecar
S 103 z 24--$19.95--white lens cobra handle
S 103 z 25--$24.95--red lens cobra handle
S 103 z 27--$19.95--rubber pad for Cobra handle front
S 103 z 32--$29.95--rubber bushing Steib TR500
S 103 z 46--$35.78--body suspension band LS200 S250 TR500
S 103 z 48--$16.70--rubber cap S250 S501 TR500
S 103 Z 49--$21.95--gasket Cobra handle rear
S 103 Z 50--$23.25--rubber mount for spare tire TR500
S 103 Z 54--$160.00--upper support arm 250mm
S 111 z 54--$229.95--Steib upper support arm 250mm
S 111 z 55--$229.95--Steib upper support arm 350mm
S 121 z 8--$15.65--Steib swing arm bearing cover S350 S500 polished aluminum
S 121 z 40--$38.70--Steib foot bar S350 S500 primed
S 121 z 55--$24.25--gasket Steib front fender hold down
S 121 Z 134--$15.96--Steib wheel reduction bushing LS200 – S500 S 121 z 179--$56.00--LS200 rubber suspension bracket
S 123 z 11R--$115.50--Steib inner side panel TR500 RHS
S 123 z 12R--$115.50--Steib inner side panel TR500 LHS
S 123 z 2--$21.95--rubber nose emblem S350 S500
S 123 z 5--$9.95--mounting pad for trunk handle S500
S 131 z 018N--$3.55--Steib spoke 200x4mm for 18" rim, 40 per wheel
S 131 z 019N--$3.95--Steib spoke 212x4mm for 19" rim 40 per wheel
S 131 Z 104 N--$3.40--Steib aluminum strip t-bolt for original trim strip
S 141 z 2--$14.95--spring seat suspension 13 5/8 inches or 347mm LS200
S 141 z 6--$13.95-spring seat suspension 16.75 inch 425mm S350 S500
S200 z 75--$249.95--trunk latch with lock, Steib TR500 S 200 z 104R--$43.00--steib armrest TR500 LHS red
S 200 z 105R--$43.00--steib armrest TR500 RHS red
S 200 z 122--$413.55--fender Steib in primer LS200 S501
S 200z124--$54.00--emblem Steib LS200 sidecar oval front aluminum Photo
S 200 z 16--$2.80--half turn fastener 8mm height
S 200 z 208x35--$3.00--bolt 12x1.75x35 ss Steib sidecar clamp
S 200 z 208x50--$3.00--bolt 12x1.75x50 ss Steib sidecar clamp
S 200 z 212--$17.95--Steib swing arm buffer rubber TR500
S 200 z 97--$69.95--sidecar wheel rubber spring LS 200 S350 S500 suspension
zS 32 71 2 072 200--$65.60--handlebar sidecar R25-R69S width tip to tip 762mm or 30 inches, approx. 2 inch rise
S 400 Z 080--$44.00--Steib arm rest black LS200 S350
S 400 Z 10--$128.95--Steib weld on ball coupling
S 400 z 133--$89.65--aluminum step plate Steib sidecar
S 400 Z 171--$220.20--Eber rear lamp TR500 white
S 400 Z 172--$209.95--Eber front lamp TR500 red
S 400 Z 234--$169.95--Steib ball joint arm front 27mm shaft
S 400 Z 246--$64.00--Steib rear fender reflector polished aluminum base complete
S 400 Z 7--$136.90--Steib ball coupling arm 24mm diameter 70mm offset 270mm length
S 400 z 81B--$34.40--arm rest black 20.5 inches
S 400 z 81R--$36.40--arm rest red 20.5 inches
S 400 z 98--$169.95--Steib S500 trunk lock w/handle
S 500 z 6--$56.35--trim aluminium 2 meter length all Steib models
S 600 z 16S--$359.95--cover Steib sidecar S500 tonneau black
S 600 z 16 WI--$359.95--windshield complete Ideal fits Steib LS200, S350, S500 sidecars
S 600 z 18--$119.95--left wall red Steib S500
S 600 z 19--$119.95--right wall red Steib S500
S 600 z 20--$471.15--rear luggage rack S500 NDD
S 600 Z 6b--$489.95--Steib S350 LS200 sidecar seat black
S 600 Z 62--$175.00--Steib TR500 tonneau cover black
S 600 z 62 w--$609.95--windshield complete with attachment parts Steib TR500
S 600 z 62 wB--$114.95--windshield attachment parts Steib TR500
S 600 z 63R--$329.80--steib set sprung TR500 red
S 600 z 64R--$337.00--steib backrest sprung TR500 red
S 600 z 8B--$255.00--Steib S500 sidecar seat black
S 600 z 8R--$255.00--sidecar seat red S500
S 600 z 86--$25.00--ID Plate TR500
S 600 z 9 S--$175.00--Steib LS200 tonneau cover black
S 602 z 60--$1.00--eyelet two pc for cover
S 61 13 0 027 149--$10.60--connector plate at sidecar plug R24-R25/3 R51/2-R68
tire 003--$142.95--tire Metzler rear 1955-1968 singles & twins Photo
tire 004--$120.30--tire Metzler sidecar (use 3) 1955-1968 singles & twins Photo

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