Part Number System Explanation
Read this before going to the Online Store!

Most people who call us for parts do not seem to understand the BMW part numbering system.
While we pride ourselves in taking care of our customers needs by utilizing our extensive personal knowledge of the machines, (Since usually the parts person you get on the phone is actually a vintage BMW mechanic.) here is a quick explanation of the BMW parts system.
The present spare parts catalogs from BMW is divided by registers into main groups and within the latter into sub groups.
The BMW part number, being the ordering number, consists of 11 digits with 3 subdivisions. The numbers are always broken up by spaces in the sequence shown below in the factory parts book, and on our web site. When you become familiar with this system, it makes finding parts much easier.
For instance:
On our web site, you will find: 11 13 0 007 156

11 13 0 007 156
Main Group subgroup part identification number

This part number is for a oil pan cork gasket for the R51/3, R50, R60, R50/2, R60/2, R69 and R69S
On our web site, it appears as: 11 13 0 007 156--$5.00--gasket oil pan cork R51/3-R69S
In an attempt to save space, we abreviate the application to R51/3 - R69S. This means the part is used on all the twin cylnder models from the R51/3 through the R69S. Or when we say in the description, “EFT” it means Earles Fork Twins. If we say “EFS” in means Earles Fork Singles.

In the part number, the first two digits of the main group are there to quickly lead you to a particular section of parts.
On our web catalog of parts, you will find the following:
The 01 section is manuals
The 07 section is general fasteners
The 11 section is engine parts
The 12 section is ignition and charging system and related parts
The 13 section is carburetors and related parts
The 16 section is gas tank and related parts
The 18 section is exhaust and related parts
The 21 section is clutch and related parts
The 23 section is transmission and related parts
The 26 section is drive shaft and related parts
The 31 section is front fork and related parts
The 32 section is handle bar, and controls and related parts
The 33 section is final drive and related parts
The 34 section is brakes and related parts
The 36 section is wheels and related parts
The 46 section is frame and related parts
The 51 section is ID plates, emblems and related parts
The 52 section is seats and related parts
The 61 section is wiring, horns, switches, batteries and related parts
The 63 section is headlight tail light, directional and related parts
The 71 section is tools, factory accessories and related parts
The 80 section is collectible accessories
The Accessory section is general motorcycle equipment, oil, etc.

The old 7 digit postwar part numbers.
You may have in your possession an old, original parts book prior to the mid 1960's. The current BMW part number system described above, originated from a 7-digit number system first introduced in 1955. This 7-digit number system is still valid today. You will find that the old 7 digit system is embedded in the new 11 digit system.
It too consisted of main groups and sub groups leaving only 3 digits available for the part number. This limited BMW to only 1000 part numbers per group and so the amount of available numbers for new parts was soon exhausted in the early 1960's. BMW solved the problem by lengthening the 7-digit number system by allocating a new main and sub group (4 new digits), which were added in front of the old 7 digit numbers. The old 7 digits then lost their structure of main group, sub group and identity number, and became just one 7 digit long part number.
The original BMW parts catalog editions pre 1964 only contain 7 digit part numbers. If you are using such a parts catalog, and searching our web site, you can enter the old 7-digit number by holding down the “CTRL” key and hitting the “F” key. This will cause a “FIND” window to jump up on our, (or any other web site) so you can enter either the 7 digit number or ANY key word. Every time you hit “ENTER” you will jump to every place on the page that your key word appears. By the way, we have in stock the BMW 7 to 11 digit conversion books if you want to drive yourself crazy. The part number of this book is 01 00 9 796 023.