BMW motorcycle soft clutch, easy clutch

"Easy Clutch"
for BMW /2, /5, /6 and /7 Motorcycles

Exclusively distributed by
Craig Vechorik at Bench Mark Works LLC

Add the "Easy Clutch" to your classic and vintage BMW and it lessens the force required to pull the clutch lever. The effort required to operate the clutch is less than half of the stock setup!

The "Easy Clutch" practically eliminates hand fatigue on long trips. It is great for individuals who suffer from physical problems that weakened their grip. Female motorcyclists, who find the clutch action of a BMW to be a challenge, will find riding much more of an enjoyment.

Another benefit of "Easy Clutch" is added longevity and reliability of the clutch cable. I have used an "Easy Clutch" on my BMW R90S (a model BMW known for it’s stiff clutch action) for the last 16 years (100,000 miles) and experienced no problems or failures. The worry of breaking a cable in the middle of nowhere, on a long trip, is gone forever.

The "Easy Clutch" is probably the best modification you can ever put on your bike. The clutch pressure required will be cut in half and the engagement range of the lever will be doubled. Your clutch will no longer act like an off-on switch. The tension in the clutch cable also is half so should last indefinitely.

The "Easy Clutch" new design fits all BMW /2. /5, /6, /7 and later air head boxer twins. I provide easy installation instructions so you can install the clutch on your bike.
Installation instructions for BMW /2 & /5 models
Installation instructions for BMW /6 & /7 models

Dave Kempton bought one of the first soft clutches available. Here's his unsolicited testimonial:

Yes, the soft clutch did arrive. I was off skiing when it came, but when I called home, I learned that it had arrived. I asked my son (also an Airhead) if he would like to take a shot at installing it. When I came home there was my bike with the new soft clutch installed. He told me that it was a simple job and everything went together just fine. I could not wait to try it out, so the next day I put my wife on the back seat and off we went for a ride. I could not believe how easy it was to use the clutch...what an improvement. The side benefit is that the bike appears to shift much more smoothly and go in and out of gears without jerking. My wife said the ride was great and I enjoyed an afternoon of soft shifts and smooth gears. Much thanks for the great innovation and for taking the time to custom-make it for me. I would love to write an article for the Airmail letting other folks who ride older BMWs know that you have a great product. Thanks again,
Dave Kempton

How to order your "Easy Clutch"
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