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Parts 1950-1983 and some prewar!

We still provide service for engine, transmission, final drive, brakes, and build wheels

Matra tool 507 pinion shaft lock for nut removal

61 31 1 351 219--signals and starter button 1970 /5 to R90S and 1974 only /6

61 31 1 351 219h--$35.50--RHS indicator switch harness /5
61 31 1 357 521h--$35.00--RHS indicator switch harness /6 1974 only
61 31 1 357 521hs--$35.00--RHS indicator switch harness R90S 1974 only

61 31 1 351 220--high low horn switch 1970 /5 to R90S 1974 only /6

61 31 1 351 220h--$35.50-LHS indicator switch harness /5
61 31 1 367 523h--$35.00--LHS switch harness /6 1974 only
61 31 1 357 523hs--$35.00--LHS switch harness R90S 1974 only
61 31 1 357 521g--$1.00--grommet for /6 bucket 1974 harness

07 11 9 978 006.1--LED BA20D headlight bulb 5v-30v R25-R69S

Betjeman R26-R27 Restoration Book006

Replacement ignition switch, 51 25 1 233 276 /6 4 position, 51 25 1 243 273 /6-R100RT 2 position

On the right, replacement gas cap R60/7-R100MYS 51 25 2 030 125.m On the left, original type 51 25 2 307 125.1

Eber Replacement LED board; for all Eber tail lights, 6 volt or 12 volt. Requires removal of incandescent bulb holder

New production! Albert Sport bar end mirrors set

Available in stainless and aluminum (acc013b) or original black (acc013a) finish.

Plunger frame restoration book!

book004 -- BMW R51/3-R68 "Motorcycle Restoration and Service Manual," by Chris Betjemann
This new restoration and service manual is the most comprehensive study of the BMW R51/3 through the coveted R68 models ever written.

The amount of changes during the 5 year production of these machines is astounding. It was if BMW could never quite decide what was best, and made many rapid changes in that 5 years. To all you vintage buffs out there, did you know that:
  • Six different frame variations
  • Three different petcocks used and each one has the technical drawing in the book!
  • Two different headlight shells with different main switches
  • Two different forks with two variants of each and two different steering dampers.
  • Two different wheel half hubs and three different full hub designs.
  • Four different steel wheel rims
  • Two different aluminum wheel rims
  • Three different generators
  • Six different air cleaners
  • Multiple headers and mufflers
  • Twelve different forward flywheel sections
  • Three different transmissions
  • Three different transmission output flanges
  • Three different variations of Eber tail lights
  • Five different variations of front fenders
  • Ten different variations of rear fenders
  • Fourteen different variations of speedometers

  • All of this is covered in the book, plus more! Not only is all this historical material present, but step by step procedures for completely disassembling and re assembling the entire machine with photos of special tools that are required. The manual consists of 582 pages, with seventy original line drawings, and 570 photographs.


New production suspension bands!

S 103 Z 46--side car body suspension band for LS200 S250 TR500

This is NOT the European molded, one piece incorrect suspension band. We had these reproduced from an original, and is manufactured in the same manner as the original, being constructed by using one long wound rubber strip, and the layers bonded together. These are of the correct dimensions, elastic, and very strong! And cheaper than the worthless European ones that prematurely break!

New Production! /2 Weld-on centerstand mounting tabs, left and right!

Are both wheels still on the ground when you centerstand the bike? Is the bike falling over on anything but level ground? Don't cut up an old frame! New production centerstand mounts are now available!
Left: 46 24 5 161 034 and Right: 46 24 5 161 035

/2 rear upper shock cap tool

Tool034 - This removes stubborn aluminum upper shock caps from the rear shock shaft. Install it on the cap using the two set screws, then spin with a 3/8 inch drive air impact tool.

Upgrade starter motors for BMW, 1970-1976 (8 tooth) and 1977-1995 (9 tooth)

12 41 1 357 500R - Nippondenso replacement/upgrade starter 8 tooth, 1970-1976
12 41 2 306 700R - Nippondenso replacement/upgrade starter 9 tooth, 1977-1995
These drop-in starter motors, originally for Toyota trucks, are mated to a new case and drive gear for BMW engines. An improved design allows approximately 30% to 35% less amperage to operate. Sturdy, rebuildable and with no glued-in magnets, they have half the weight of the original starters. No rewiring or modifications are required.

Albert bar end mirrors, solid stainless

ACC202 - mirrors mount in the end of the handlebar.

Vech's R75 Finished!

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Decals now in stock!

Matra tools, pinion seal collar wrench for final drive nose

Tool029, /2 Tool033, /5/6/7

Back in production

Rubber crank case ventilation tube /5 /6 original type

New stuff

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Tool030, Matra 499 crank gear puller
Tool001, Matra 338 exhaust nut pin spanner, laser cut, highest quality
11 43 0 009 127.3, original manufacture oil centigrade thermometer dipstick, /2
Tool031, Matra 422A flange puller for R51/2-R68 transmission
Tool032, Degree wheel, exact duplicate of factory originals R24-R27 R51/3-R69S

We are now a dealer for German Heidenau tires!

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Tire002 3.25"x19" front/rear universal pre 1955
Tire004 3.5"x19" front/rear universal pre 1955
Tire009 3.5"x18" post 1954 R50-R69S
Tire010 3.25"x18"post 1954 R26-R27

New Magneto Timing Indicator!
Close up:
Close up:

Solid state Magneto timing indicator now available.
Set timing on your magneto ignition BMW WITHOUT removing the points wire!

Open/Closed LED indicators and audible tone when the points open.
Unit uses electronic inductance to signal when the points break.
Compact design, 3 1/8 wide x 5 1/2 long x 3/4 inch high.
Comes ready to use, with replaceable 9v battery.
Vech's favorite timing tool!
Thanks to Chris Betjemann of Barrington Motor Works for turning us on to this tool.

In our online store:

Tool 028--solid state magneto timing indicator

Parts I bet you didn't know we had!

PJN 3--$137.45--prewar Bosch taillight cigar shape nickel plated for 1920's BMWs
PJN 3LED--$187.50--6V LED tail and brake light for prewar Bosch JN-3 taillight.

See more about this LED taillight at

Photo of 46 53 9 024 012.3--$175.00--brown style /2 sidestand
Also similar in appearance 46 53 1 241 598.1--$158.00--brown style sidestand /5-R100RT
The Importance of Clean BMW Oil Slingers by Craig Vechorik
It is very important, when you acquire your restoration project, to tear your engine down, and clean the oil slingers.

You have two choices here:
1) buy the tools, a torch, a book, and learn to do it for yourself, or
2) farm out the project someone who has both the tools and the skill. Either way, it 's important to get it done.

Why is it so important? Read more.
How to Pack a BMW Motorcycle Engine by Craig Vechorik

Bench Mark Works has available engine crates. Learn to build your own here.